Headshots: Business, Social Media, Personal


The on-location headshot session fee is $250. This Includes:

  • I come to you, home or office
  • No time limit on your session, usually about one hour
  • Unlimited outfit changes, simple is better though
  • Tips, guidance before and during your session
  • Next day preview images
  • Two high resolution digital files toned, touched up and sized for both print and digital.
    ($50 per additional image with professional retouching)

Group Business & Corporate headshot packages for multiple people are available on location.
Please contact with location and number of people for more details and a

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a studio or what is a good location?

No I don’t have a studio. All my headshots are on location. Your home, your office, whatever works best for you. I come to you with my portable studio (with plain black, white or gray background). It takes me about 20 minutes to set up. I can set up in a conference room, office, living room, kitchen just about anywhere. I do not need a lot of space, however a 10’x10′ space is a good start point.

Do you offer hair and makeup for headshots?

No, however you may want to have a haircut, trim, style before hand especially for business/corporate headshots. Professional make-up isn’t necessary but if you opt for it, keep it light and more natural and not over the top (well, unless thats your brand!

What are your thoughts on clothing and outfits?

Your choice of what to wear to a headshot session is a personal matter, however, there are some guidelines you can consider. First, pick out clothing that make you feel comfortable, confident and good about yourself. If you are thinking of wearing something you never wear normally, I would avoid that as you won’t feel as confident. Stripes and patterns should be avoided and clothing with busy patterns or logos can clutter a headshot detracting from your face.Try to stay away from anything all white unless it’s under a jacket or sweater. Unless there is a specific reason to wear white. All black is a bit easier to work with but can also take away from you. Its good to have clothes that fit well, are pressed or ironed if needed. Oh yes, go over with a lint roller, I’ll have one as well.

How many “looks” / outfits can I have?

Several if you choose, within the time frame of the shoot which goes for about 20-30 minutes. However a couple different tops is usually the simplest and best approach if you do want a change. Simple is always better. If you want more looks and full wardrobe changes then booking a full portrait session would be best.

Can I get some custom shots that are unique to my business needs, aka lifestyle photography and branding photos?

For sure!. I can accommodate most requests within the framework of a headshot. (head and shoulders, plain background) Again, if you prefer more stylized lifestyle/branding images in addition to the headshot then booking a full portrait session would be best.

How do I prep for a headshot?

I will guide you every step of the way. Most people are not used posing for headshots or don’t know what to do. If you were told you need a headshot but “don’t like having my picture taken” I have you covered. Where to look, how to relax your shoulders and the like, I will guide you through in a fun, none stuffy way.

How do you handle people wearing glasses?

If you wear glasses and have a strong prescription there are ways I can light you and have your head tilted to minimize reflections and distortions. Some are ok and look natural. If you have glasses with a very high prescription or no anti-reflection coating, it might be best to have an extra pair without lenses. Also if you wear glasses most the time its best to keep them on as that is how other people see you.

Can you photograph dating profile pictures or social media photos and business headshots in the same session?

Yes. You can have a more business headshot done and also a more casual, fun headshot. Remember you receive two final images from a headshot session and additional images are $50 each.

Do I have to decide which images I want during my session?

No. You will receive an email with a password protected link to preview images for you to choose from the next business day.

Are my headshots edited – and how?

Yes. Basically final images are edited naturally with adjustments like cropping, straightening, color tones, exposure, and sharpening. Those things would be considered basic “toning” and are included in the fee. Also included are basic “touch ups” such as skin blemishes and stray hairs, lightening shadows and softening under eyes a bit if needed. A rule I use is if something won’t be there in a week or two I remove it. So freckles, moles, lines and texture usually stay. If portrait edits require or are requested for more enhanced touch ups or changing something material to the image, they are priced separately and quoted during session. Many people of course wold like to look 20 years younger, so I do my very best to light you in a flattering way. However I avoid over smoothing skin, getting rid of all signs of age as I want the image to still look like you and not a cartoon or avatar.

What resolution do my pictures come in?

The images you choose are delivered digitally through my website as a high resolution jpg ready for printing. Plus the same image in a low resolution version ready for the web and social media.

How are my images delivered – and how fast?

Your final image(s) will be delivered via email in a password protected downloadable link from my website. Next day preview images with the final touched up and toned image delivered in 5-7 business days. You will have 10 days to download your images, after which they are archived forever should you ever misplace them or a hard drive crashed. There may be a fee to upload the images again after the 10 days.

Do I get my money back if I need to cancel?

If you cancel with at least 48 hours notice you will be fully refunded and/or you can reschedule at your convenience. Minus the non-refundable $25 booking fee.


phone/text: 248.420.3488

Instagram: @ishootmi.portraits